Volumen I - Nº: 10 Año: 2011 . ISNN 1887-3413

  • Autor: Olga Femenía Millet
    We are in the labour market with workers who have no formal qualifications because they left compulsory education, which is why the education system has implemented the Initial Vocational Training Program for students who have failed by way of Compulsory Secondary Education to obtain an official qualification an acquire a minimum knowledge of labour laws to enter the labour market

    Announcement, job, labour market, orientation, professional

  • Autor: Federico Tejeiro Gallego, Bernardo Fernández Sánchez
    The aim of the present text is to provide guidance to enable teachers from different educational levels to analyze their own teaching practices and, assuming as valid the self-determination theory of Deci and Ryan, learning to create policy guidance in the classroom in the classroom to encourage greater motivation for learning in their students. This document shows the analysis developed by the authors and their conclusions, finding alternative practical changes to make.

    Motivation, middle schools, self-determination theory, students, teachers, motivational measures, students interest, questionnaires, school failure.

  • Autor: Concha Julián de Vega
    This article has been written to disseminate the results of one of the educational action researches which were developed during the in-service training course Enseñar es Investigar during the academic year 09/10. This course took place in the In-service Teaching Training Centre of Alcalá de Guadaíra (Seville). The project dealt with sensory learning styles and their implementation in class in a way that learners should assume their role and responsibility in their own learning process.

    Action research, learning to learn, learning autonomy, lifelong learning (LLL), sensory learning styles, learning responsibility.

  • Autor: Valentín Galván
    The paper discusses the interest aroused in recent years by the issue of citizenship. From the different uses of the term citizenship, such as multidimensional-category among political scientists, philosophers and historians, the author reflects on the new challenges facing the “Education for Citizenship” in the XXI century.

    Citizenship, multidimensional category, democracy, tolerance, XXI century.

  • Autor: Raquel Mayra Díaz González